This section is dedicate to all types of European Initiatives that are related to the research on rare diseases.


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European Advanced Translational Infrastructure in Medicine

EATRIS assists researchers and companies in need of support for advancing biomedical innovations.

The infrastructure provides the following advantages:
- Single point of access to the right expertise and facilities
- Acceleration of the development process; optimize translational plan
- Access to large and diverse clinical patient cohorts

Which services are provided?
-    The EATRIS consortium of academic institutes provides cutting edge infrastructure and expertise along the entire translational value chain. You can benefit from EATRIS ’One-stop-shop’ that gives you access to pre-clinical validation, manufacturing, non-clinical and clinical development capabilities for five interrelated areas:
•    ATMP and Biologics
•    Biomarkers
•    Imaging and Tracing
•    Small Molecules including drug repurposing
•    Vaccines

-    Access to Patient cohorts
A broad range of patient cohorts including patients with the burden of rare diseases are registered in the EATRIS database. EATRIS C&S helps identifying and approaching the respective Principle Investigators (PI) for the clinical development of your product.

-    Access to European network of expert partners available to provide essential input to translational strategy
EATRIS experts offer advice and capacity for review of project feasibility, including translational strategy and tools, and intellectual property. They can also identify the optimal regulatory strategy including preparation and follow up of documents for EMA Scientific Advice or clinical trials.
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-    Access to Regulatory support
Experts in regulatory affairs including scientists with working experience in the regulatory authorities of the Member States are integral part of the EATRIS network. With the support of these experts, EATRIS C&S can help define the optimal regulatory strategy for your project.
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Why to work with EATRIS?
EATRIS supports researchers by providing the right expertise and facility for advancing translational research projects into and through clinical development. The consortium comprises 75 research institutions in 10 European countries. Institutions are selected on the basis of their track record in public-private collaboration in drug development.

How much does it cost?
 Contracting is a one-to-one procedure between researchers and EATRIS institutions. The cost is negotiated directly with the institution.

Countries involved in EATRIS:
Full partners : Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Italy; The Netherlands; Spain; Sweden; Estonia

EATRIS headquarters contact point:
Florence Bietrix, Operations Manager
Tel: +31 (0) 20 444 1146

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