This section is dedicated specifically to researchers. You will find here the information about the opportunities of rare diseases research funding at the national level in  "National RD funding initiatives" and "Next generation sequencing facilities database" that groups sequencing platforms from Europe and Associated countires.

Federal Ministry for Education and Research

Investing in the future of education and research is a top priority of the German government. With a total volume of €11.6 billion, the budget of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for 2011 has increased by about €789 million - or more than 7.2 per cent - compared with 2010.
The BMBF supports innovative projects in various research sectors; e.g. in basic sciences, sustainable development, information and communications technologies, chemistry and materials science, transport and space research as well as life sciences.
With its "Health Research Framework Programme", the Federal Government has defined six fields of action for health research:
1. Focussed research into major diseases
2. Individualised medicine
3: Research into prevention and nutrition
4. Research into health care
5. The health care industry
6. International cooperation in health research
In co-operation with the Federal Ministry of Health, the BMBF assumes responsibility for the programme which is financed with funds from the BMBF. The BMBF is providing health research with funds of about 5.5 billion € between 2011 and 2014.
In 2007, the BMBF opened a new funding programme on rare diseases research with a budget of €24 million for the first 3 year period and a possible extension of the maximum funding duration of 3 times renewable 3 year periods for new networks. Starting in October 2008, 16 networks are currently being funded. Six of these are extensions of previously funded networks, while the other 10 networks are new. In September 2010, a new call for proposals for the possible extension of the 10 networks which started in 2008 and the creation of new networks was published.
Additional funding of rare disease research is ongoing in other funding initiatives of the BMBF such as the National Genome Research Network (NGFN), the Competence Networks for Medicine, Innovative Therapies, Clinical Trials and others with about €20 million in 2010.
Title of the programme: Funding Initiative for Rare Diseases Consortia
Type of the programme: Thematic call for proposals
Recurrence of the programme: next call expected in 2013

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