This section is dedicated specifically to researchers. You will find here the information about the opportunities of rare diseases research funding at the national level in  "National RD funding initiatives" and "Next generation sequencing facilities database" that groups sequencing platforms from Europe and Associated countires.

Foundation for Science and Technology

The Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) started its operations in August 1997. It succeeds Junta Nacional de Investigação Científica e Tecnológica (JNICT). The mission of FCT consists in continuously promoting the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge in Portugal, exploring opportunities that become available in any scientific or technological domain to attain the highest international standards in the creation of knowledge, and to stimulate their diffusion and contribution to improve education, health, environment, and the quality of life and well being of the general public. This mission is mainly accomplished through the funding, subsequent to the evaluation of the merit, of proposals presented by institutions, research teams or individuals in public open calls, and also through cooperation agreements and other forms of support in partnership with universities and other public or private institutions, in Portugal and abroad. The results of the activities of FCT are, in essence, the additional contributions of individuals, research groups and institutions who have been awarded financing.


  • To promote, finance, follow and evaluate science and technology institutions, programs, projects and qualification of human resources;
  • To promote and support infra-structures for scientific research and technological development;
  • To promote the diffusion of scientific and technological culture and knowledge, in particular when relevant for educational purposes in close collaboration with the agency Ciência Viva;
  • To stimulate the update, interconnection, reinforcement and availability of science and technology information sources.

Science and technology are considered in a wide sense including exact, natural and health sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities.

Title of the programme: blanc (all thematics funding programme)
Type of the programme: non-thematic call for proposals
Recurrence of the programme: yearly

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