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Institut National du Cancer

Created by the Public Health Law of 9 August 2004, INCa has two core objectives: to develop expertise in the field of cancer and to provide scientific planning, evaluation and funding for projects.
INCa is the point of reference for cancer pathologies within State or State-affiliated public institutions. Therefore, it must share its cancer expertise with government departments and health insurance offices, as well as other public scientific and technological agencies and institutions.
In terms of scientific planning, funding and evaluation of projects, INCa is the agency of objectives and resources dedicated to cancer research. INCa devotes half of all its funding (approximately € 50 million) to research.
It launches two calls for proposals a year for specific pathologies (early forms of colorectal cancer, etc.) and/or specific fields (from genomics to patient quality of life) as well as other open calls for proposals. It receives several hundred proposals a years, from which it selects around 30%.
The Institute also launches calls for joint projects with major non-profit organizations: such as the Integrated Research & Action Programme for prostate cancer (PAIR prostate) in 2009 with the French Cancer Research Association (ARC) and the French National Cancer League.
On behalf of the Directorate-General for Healthcare (DGOS), the institute also runs the Hospital Cancer Clinical Research Programme (PHRC Cancer) and the Programme to Support Innovative and Costly Cancer Techniques (STIC Cancer).
INCa works in partnership with other public and private entities.
In this capacity it enters into agreements, including framework agreements, with other institutions in order to harness competencies (methodology and expertise) for shared projects and also to publish guides for GPs and patients or to support technological and organizational advances designed to improve quality in cancer treatment and information.
Title of funding programme:

  • Labellisation de sites de recherche intégrée sur le Cancer
  • Programme Hospitalier de Recherche Clinique – PHRC Cancer
  • Projets libres de recherche translationnelle
  • Soutien aux Techniques Innovantes Couteuses – STIC Cancer
  • Projets libres - recherches biomédicales
  • Projets libre de recherche en santé publique, sciences humaines et sociales, épidémiologie
  • PAIR cancer gynécologique
  • Recherche interventionnelle visant la réduction des inégalités face au cancer
  • Appel destiné aux Centres labellisés INCa de phase précoce  pour des projets d’essais cliniques de phase précoce
  • Soutien aux études et actions pour améliorer la prévention, le dépistage et la détection précoce des cancers

Type of the programme: thematic and non-thematic call for proposals
Recurrence of the programme: More information about the calendar of funding programmes HERE

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