E-Rare associates with Blackswan Foundation to co-organize 3rd International Congress on Reaserch of Rare and Orphan Diseases - RE(ACT) 2016.

The congress will take place from 9 - 12 of March 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.

Save the date NOW and pre-register at http://www.react-congress.org/tmp/

 23 funding agencies from 17 countries intend to open the seventh E-Rare joint call for funding multilateral research projects on rare diseases together with the European Commission (EC) under the ERA-Net co-fund mechanism. The call is expected to be opened simultaneously by the parties in their respective countries.

After a competitive scientific evaluation by peers, the E-Rare funding bodies recommended for funding 13 excellent scientific projects on innovative therapeutic approaches for rare diseases. 

As a part of its programme the E-Rare Consortium is organizing the special Symposium dedicated to collaboration in rare diseases research. The meeting will take place on the 30 of October 2014 at Casa dell'Aviatore in Rome, Italy.

The event will present a perfect occasion to gather rare diseases stakeholders: funders, researchers, patients’ organizations and regulatory bodies. Three symposium sessions will give an overview on how cooperation among funders, scientists and other relevant stakeholders helps in advancing rare diseases research with ultimate benefit to patients. E-Rare will take this opportunity to present its future plans and activities in the context of the forthcoming "E-Rare-3" action.



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