10 years

E-Rare, 10 years of collaboration to build a transnational research program on Rare diseases

In 2016, we are happy to celebrate the 10 years of E-Rare.

E-Rare was launched in 2006 and is now in its third phase (E-Rare-3). The major goals of E-Rare are to foster systematic exchange of information and build transnational research programme on rare disease. The E-Rare consortium now gathers 25 funding organizations from 17 European, Associated and non-European countries.

Since 2006, E-Rare has become one of the major contributors to transnational rare diseases research funding. In ten years, the number of countries participating in E-Rare calls increased from 6 to 17.
During those 10 years, 78 million euros have been invested by E-Rare to fund 98 multinational consortia including 449 research groups, 10 million euros of whom were dedicated to young independant investigators. Research funded by E-Rare has a great impact on life patients supporting the understanding of the natural history of disease, the discovery of new causative deases genes or the discovery of innovative therapeutic approaches.

Have a look at the E-Rare 10 years anniversary brochure to discover more on the work and the results of E-Rare from 2006 to 2016!

E-Rare 2012 - Created by Toussaint Biger