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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The second edition of RE(ACT) International Congress on Research of Rare Diseases will take place in Basel, Switzerland from 5 to 8 of March 2014.

In its first edition, the RE(ACT) Congress brought together almost 300 people to discuss research into rare diseases and the development of active substances to treat them. What made the congress unique was the interdisciplinary collaboration. Scientists from different disciplines – stem cell researchers, geneticists, biochemists, clinicians and pharmacists – exchanged information with patient organizations.

The main goals of the Congress are:

- Promote research on rare and orphan diseases among the general public, industry and policy makers

- Bring together researchers and their knowledge

- Helping the understanding of other more common diseases

- Encourage clear insights positions identifiable from the scientific community in university and industry

The programme will cover the following topics:

- Stem cell and cell therapy approaches

- Mapping diseases and genome instabilities

- Pathophysiology and diagnostics

- Bringing treatments to the clinics

- Degenerative disorders

- Regulatory Affairs and Patients in Research

For more information, details of the programme and registration click HERE

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