This section is dedicated specifically to researchers. You will find here the information about the opportunities of rare diseases research funding at the national level in  "National RD funding initiatives" and "Next generation sequencing facilities database" that groups sequencing platforms from Europe and Associated countires.

German-Israeli Foundation

The German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (G.I.F) established by the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the State of Israel, in an additional instrument complementing the continuous fruitful ties in the scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries. The Foundation has been established as a legal entity by the Israeli Knesset and the German Bundestag. The distinguishing feature of the G.I.F approach is the joint participation and equal responsibility of both Ministries signed in July 1986. The Foundation is an independent body, directed by a Board of Governors, who is responsible for operations and staffing.
G.I.F’s objective is to promote and fund basic and applied scientific research projects for peaceful purposes in both countries. Its annual budget is derived from interest on a 211 million Euro endowment fund contributed in equal parts by the two countries. Research proposals must conform to the scientific and administrative requirements of the Foundation, which may be revised from time to time. Applicants should be aware that the Foundation is only able to fund a relatively small number of new projects every year. The success rate in 2011 was 34%.
Title of the programme: no title
Type of the programme: The GIF Board of Governors, at its meeting on June 21st, 2011, has decided on the following alternating submission cycles:
One year GIF will be open to applications in the Life Sciences, Medicine and the Social Sciences, and in the next year accept applications in the Exact Sciences, Engineering and the Humanities.
TheYoung Scientists Programis open for submissions in all academic fields.
Grant budgets are limited to 200 000 Euro per project for three years.

Recurrence of the programme: yearly

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